We have tennis coaching in the school from senior infants to sixth class. Coaching takes place for different classes throughout the year. For the past ten years our tennis teams have been extremely successful, winning numerous competitions. Expert coaching has been provided by Cork Park’s Tennis over the years, leading to great success for St Brendan’s. We have been the proud winners of the Barber Cup on ten occasions, including eight consecutive years. The school takes great pride in tennis and each year there is great competition for a place on the Barber Cup Team. Over the years we have also won the Munster Shield twice. Each year the school tournament lays the foundation for our stars of the future.

In 2013 our remarkable record in the Barber Cup continued with the girls winning the trophy for an amazing 10th time in the past thirteen years.

Another piece of history that was created is the fact that team captain, Megan Loveridge, became the fourth member of her family to play a starring role on a victorious team. This is a remarkable family achievement.

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