In St. Brendan’s we are fortunate to have an abundance of space. There is a large car park for parents and visitors with a pedestrian crossing for the safety of those needing to cross the car park. Our playground with its painted yard games is large and we also have a basketball/tennis court, an outdoor learning area/school garden, a play area with swings, a slide and climbing sections. We also have an abundance of grass areas for playing.  Our school playing field is very big and is used mainly in summer and autumn.

Inside as well as the classrooms which have interactive whiteboards, we have a dedicated computer room equipped with modern computers. Our multi purpose assembly hall has a stage and a great variety of equipment for PE. We have Resource and Learning Support Rooms also. There is a Parents in use in our school too.



Parents Room

We enjoy an informal and friendly relationship with our parents and guardians. All are welcome to attend classes in art or cookery or just to come in for a chat and a cuppa!


St. Brendan’s Pre-School is right on our doorstep and we have strong ties established with the children and staff. The children visit our school regularly to partake in activities and avail of our facilities.

St. Brendan’s Church

In keeping with the Catholic ethos of the school, we play an active role in our local church. We attend First Friday masses and Liturgy, sing in the choir and prepare for the Sacraments.