Happy Talk

DSC_0552 Aoife and NibblesHappy Talk is a Speech and Language programme which is being run in St. Brendan’s GNS. Happy Talk is for all children aged 0-6 years in the Glen and Mayfield areas. Parents come into the classroom to work with their children. They are supported by Aoife Doyle, one of the Happy talk Speech and Language Therapists and the junior infant teacher. The children and their parents meet Nibbles and Twitch, the Happy Talk puppets. Aoife gives ideas, tips and games for helping the children’s language to develop. Happy Talk also links children with specific difficulties into support services if needed.

(Happy talk is being implemented by Cork City Partnership Ltd in association with Bernardos, the City of Cork VEC, Cork City Childcare Company, the HSE and UCC. Happy Talk is funded under the National Early Years Access Initiative and by Tomar Trust)