Green Code for Water

Green Schools CodeĀ 

We are the Green School of The Glen,

And saving water is our goal.

The teachers help us do our best,

Because of them we do the rest.

We put a stop to the drop,

‘Cause water is more precious than gold.

Everywhere we go we like to work.

We reduce, reuse, recycle what we can.

Green Schools is a lot of fun,

Being a green school is so cool.

St Brendan’s is the very best school.

Everyone join because Green Schools rule!!

The girls on the committee came up with this code and it is performed in a Ray style with lots of rhythm.

GREENĀ  CODE (for energy)

St. Brendan’s girls are saving energy

We used to be high but now we’re going low.

Switching off the lights and turning down the heat.

No more standby, no more waste.

We’re not being clowns so we’ve got our Plan down.

No more litter and no more waste.

We have our first flag and we’re going for number two.

St Brendan’s green girls, horray, horray, horray.