The 9th to the 12th of June will be a particularly busy week with lots of sporting activities in the school.

Tuesday 9th        Fun Day   starting at 12.30 in the school field. 

Parents and friends are invited to cheer on the girls. There will be parents races and a shop will supply treats.


Wednesday 10th                  

  •  City Sports Team go to CIT
  • The Infants will go to the playground at the top of Assumption Hill.
  •  The older girls will go for a walk in the Glen Park.


Thursday 11th         Swimming in Mayfield Pool

5th and 6th classes will be going to CIT with their parents for a visit.


Friday 12th        

  •  A Day of Kangoo
  • This is a real fun activity where the girls get to wear special boots and do lots of fun exercises, even dances!
  • Tennis Competition
  • Teddy Bears Picnic for infants
  • Ice-cream party for all to finish our activity week.