School Tour to Dublin

Fourth to sixth classes went on the train to Dublin for their school tour on Thurs, June 8th. The first stop was a change of train at Mallow and then on to the Luas when we got to Dublin. We went to the Ombudsman for Children’s office where we learned about the rights of children. The bean bags there were so comfy. Then it was time for Supermacs – yum – and on to Trinity College for an active session of basketball or dodgeball and the climbing wall. Some girls got right to the top of the massive wall, very impressive. It was the on to the Viking Splash tour and it was a splash with the rain alright before we ever got to the water. It was so much fun especially giving the Viking Roar at unsuspecting pedestrians and making them laugh. The walk back to the train took us past Christchurch Cathedral and the Guinness Brewery (a quick visit there could have been tempting for the teachers at that stage) There was time for a little spending at the station and then on to the train for a very enjoyable trip back to Cork. What a day!!

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