Spraoi 2- Our Trip to The Glen Resource Centre

The children in Spraoi 2 have come on so much since they started with us back in September.As it is their last term with us, we agreed that they were ready to make their first trip out of the school.We decided to visit the fantastic resource up the hill from us- The Glen Resource Centre. Wow! What an amazing place it is!

The children were so  well behaved during the whole thing.Each child held hands with an adult and walked up to the Centre calmly and happily.They enjoyed looking around and took no notice of the cars or noises around them. We were all so proud of them!

On arrival at the The Glen Resource Centre, we met Emelda who was absolutely fantastic with the children. They took to her straight away.She brought us to an area to take part in the Snow Tubing activity.It was excellent and very suitable to our children. They enjoyed every minute of it.After about 40 minutes here, we were led to another secluded and safe area where the children took part in Parachute activities, Bouncy Hoppers, Hoola Hoops and ball games. They had an absolute ball!

After about 25 minutes, we gathered all ouR bits and pieces and headed back to school.The children walked calmly back with a fresh pink tone on their faces after the heat and all the excitement !

We are so proud of our children in Spraoi 2 for being so sensible and well behaved on their first trip out of the school.They have grown up so much!

I think we will have to book another trip again soon!

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