Green Schools

The Travel Flag is the focus of our Green Schools work in 2017 to 2019. This involves continuing work on the previous themes of Litter and waste, Energy and Water as well as working on Travel. The aim is to increase the number of children who walk to school each day. There are lots of health as well as environmental benefits to walking. The children are making a particular effort on Wednesdays to walk to school with our WOW days. These will run until the end of November and begin again in the Spring.

(2016) Our work continues towards getting a third green flag in the school. The girls have been busy reading the water meter, telling all the other children what we do at the committee meetings and in general working towards reducing the amount of water we use in the school.

Our target is to reduce the amount of water we use by 10%. Between October and December 2015 we managed to reduce it by 8.5% so we are well on track to reach our target. Currently we use 8 litres of water, per person, each day.

In St Brendan’s we are proudly flying two green flags. The first Green Flag was presented to St Brendan’s School in March 2011. This was the result of a lot of hard work by the Green Schools Committee to reduce Litter and Waste in our school. The flag was raised by Sr Goretti who was Principal of the school for many years.

There is a collection point for old phones, ink cartridges and batteries with the phones going to the Jack and Jill Foundation. Plastic, paper and cardboard are recycled and the amount of waste produced by the school has been reduced considerably.

In 2013 we were awarded our second flag. The theme for this flag was Energy and we  all worked towards reducing our use of electricity and trying to waste less heat by keeping doors closed. We succeeded in reducing the amount of gas we use for heating while still keeping the school warm. This has been done mainly by turning down the thermostat a little and keeping doors closed. The girls are very vigilant about turning off the lights when not needed and making sure that equipment isn’t left on standby.

Ellen Murphy from An Taisce was our guest to raise our second flag. Ellen had been very supportive of our work over the years both for the Green Flags and the SMILES project. Ellen explained the meaning of the symbols on the flag to the girls and parents who joined us for our flag raising ceremony.

We are now working towards gaining our third green flag which is for water. There is a very enthusiastic and energetic committee who are working hard towards our goal of reducing the amount of water used and continuing on with the work already being done.


Many hands help the flag to fly DSC_0273 Ellen, Ms O'Neill and the Committee                                            



Green Schools Committee girls