40th Anniversary Celebrations

Today we celebrated our 40th Anniversary with a very busy and varied day. Events kicked off with a variety show in the school  hall where the  girls sang, played their instruments and recited a poem. All the hard work paid off as it was a very impressive performance which earned a standing ovation from the audience.

Next the girls from the Green Schools Committee explained the symbolism of the Green Flag which was very interesting. Kathleen told those assembled that Mr Pat Flaherty was asked to raise the flag in recognition and appreciation of  his work as a very active and committed member of the Board of Management of the school for close on 20yrs. The flag was raised by his wife Georgina and St Goretti, in Pat’s unavoidable, absence on the way to the church for mass.

The singing, prayers and gift bearing were outstanding and the congregation were very touched by the beautiful mass and many of our visitors were highly complimentary of the occasion.

Then it was back to thee school for refreshments and a recital by the Band of the Southern Command. This began outdoors but had to relocate to the hall because of a shower. This did not dampen the fun and atmosphere of celebration in any way and the children and guests loved to performance.

All in all it was a wonderful and very successful day.

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